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Your Balboa Gathering 2013 Teachers are:

Jeremy Otth and Laura Keat (USA)
Bobby White and Kate Hedin (USA)
David Rehm (USA) and Marie Nahnfeldt-Mattsson (SWE)

The Balboa Gathering 2013 will provide you with a quality learning environment for all your Balboa needs. This is demonstrated by our high profile international teaching couples! They are regular teachers, judges and competitors at the world's most prestigous Balboa Swing dance events.

We have chosen your teachers very carefully - for their fantastic teaching skills, teaching style and technique. They have lovable personalities, a sense of humour and are dedicated to making your Balboa learning experiences enjoyable yet challenging. Every one of them has a desire to inspire us and teach us excellent quality dancing skills. We brought back a few of the 2012 teachers as these people were a key part of TBG 2012's success. After a weekend with this lot, you will leave The Balboa Gathering being the best you can be, and wanting more!

Jeremy Otth and Laura Keat (USA)

Jeremy Otth and Laura Keat

Jeremy and Laura united to create this dynamic dance partnership in January 2006. Since then, they have been accumulating Championship Titles, teaching all around the world, and even performed on ABC's hit TV Show, "Dancing With The Stars." Jeremy and Laura were each individually honored by the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame in 2008!
Jeremy and Laura have earned Championships at many National events such as: National Jitterbug Championships, American Lindy Hop Championships and the US Open to name a few. They won both first place titles at NJC (at Camp Hollywood) in Pro Balboa in 2008. They took 2nd in the American Classic Balboa Championships at All Balboa Weekend, were 3rd in the Champions Lindy at the International Lindy Hop Championships in 2008, and in 2007 were Fast Dance Lindy Hop Champions at the US Open! They travel to teach all across the United States and around the world both individually and as a couple, including jobs across the US, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Canada and Japan.
Jeremy and Laura teach regularly in Southern California and combine their interests to bring well-rounded, interesting and entertaining swing dance classes to the floor. Jeremy's focus on style, authentic movement and unique moves along with Laura's passions for styling and musicality using good connection and following technique will inspire and elevate dancers at all levels.

Bobby White (USA)

Bobby White

Bobby White (pronounced "Wee-TAY") has been a devout student of all things swing. Lindy Hop, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, air steps, tricks, vernacular jazz, and choreography are all passions he has been studying since 1998. His solo Charleston and trucking have won great acclaim and awards, and his passion and in-depth study of classic solo dances like Frankie Manning’s Big Apple or the Tranky Doo have made him a sought-after instructor on the material. He is always pleased to perform a solo jazz dance piece at events. His goofy nature and deadpan joking in classes are balanced by his in-depth deconstruction of moves and technique. He has a great love of teaching and hopes to pass along the enormous swing-inspired smiles that make people walk a good distance away from you on the street. As a writer, his widely acclaimed swing dance articles and essays appear in the infamous Jam Cellar newsletter, Lindy Bloggers, and in event programs across the land. As an emcee, Jack and Jill jokes are his bread and butter. While some people are proud to hold trophies or world records for dance marathons, he is proud of being in possession of a jar of duck (which he won in a Balboa competition in France). His infamous swing dance writings can be read at

Kate Hedin (USA)

Kate Hedin

Following in the path of her great ancestor, Swedish explorer Sven Hedin, has travelled to greatest unknown regions of following and footwork. She instructed and performed extensively for Cleveland's Get Hep Swing, Atlanta’s Big George, and Washington DC’s The Jam Cellar. Aside from a love of both social and performance Lindy Hop, she has become most known for her unique and elegant style of Balboa.
The result is a resume full of impressive dance performances. Kate holds 1st place titles in many competitions and Jack and Jills, including The American Classic Balboa Championship (2009), The International Lindy Hop Championships (Balboa, 2008 & 2009), and she has won or placed in many Lindy Hop competitions and Invitational Jack and Jills. As a teacher, Kate is known for not leaving student followers disappointed.
She is proud to have held, along with her friends at Get Hep Swing in Cleveland, the Guiness World Record for longest dance party ever (52 hours, 3 minutes). Her judging is sought by many, her lines desired as far as the Orient. She also climbs trees.

David Rehm (USA)

David Rehm

A geek-turned-professional-dancer specializing exclusively in the partnered swing dances, Lindy and Balboa, and widely considered one of the top Balboa dancers and instructors in the world. He is regularly featured teaching and judging at the most prestigious events dedicated to those dances throughout North America, Europe and Asia. In addition to numerous awards, in 2006 David captured both the American and European Balboa titles (with different partners) by winning the American Classic Balboa Championship and the Euro Bal Cup. He is also the creator of The Experiment, "the world's most intimate and intensive Balboa workshop", as well as the founder of the Northeast Balboa Corridor (NEBC) project. David is best known for his ability to capture both broad thematic abstractions and technical details all in the form of conceptual principles.

Marie Nahnfeldt-Mattsson (SWEDEN)

Marie Nahnfeldt-Mattsson

Marie is internationally recognized for her high energy and spirit as a Swing dancer and instructor. Her classes emphasize the use of musicality, technique and partner connection. Energy and focus on fun are constant elements to every class.
She has a wealth of teaching experience, from beginners to competition couples, and appears on teaching line ups at many established dance camps around the globe, including Herräng (Sweden), Camp Hollywood (USA) and Rock That Swing Festival (Germany) just to mention a few.
Marie lives just outside Stockholm, Sweden with her husband Hasse. At TBG 2013 Marie will be teaching with David Rehm, a magnificent partnership that is sought after all around the world.

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