UK Swing Dance event | The Balboa Gathering 2012

The Balboa Gathering 2012

Zack Richard (Canada) and Vanessa Granjon (Nantes, France)

Zack and Vanessa

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend! Saw tons of improvement in your dancing. Keep up the good work ! - Zack, Instructor

Thanks again Navella for this great workshop. I had a fantastic time this weekend! :) - Vanessa, Instructor

Janet Davis (Surrey, UK) and Jeremy Otth (USA)

Jeremy and Janet

Well done Navella, you must have worked so hard to put together such a terrific event. Huge thanks for bringing such an amazing line-up of teachers to the UK. I have enough "homework" from the lessons to last me for months! - Janet, participant

Dee Thompson and Guy Briggs (both Newcastle, UK)

Dee and Guy

Well done Navella that was an awesome event, i loved every minute of it, it was amazing, and thankyou for giving me the opportunity to be taught by such fantastic world class teachers so close to home! You did an amazing job! - Dee, participant

Harry Parker and Svetlana Ikponmwosa (both Leeds, UK)

Harry and Svetlana

Have a well earned rest - you and Richard and Jacqui and Amanda did a great job. You brought an ABW style event to the UK at a fraction of the price - when people understand that, the ones who missed it will be gutted and the ones who went will want to go back. Outstanding workshops. Well done! - Harry, participant

Fabulous weekend. Great teachers and thanks to all the lovely leads (and follows) I've danced with. It was great to see 'old' and meet a lot of new friends. Thanks to Navella, Richard and the crew, it was obvious how hard you've worked. - Svetlana, participant

Sarah Elliston (Glasgow, UK) and David Rowe (USA)

Sarah and David

The Joy of Bal - had such a great time that weekend, so this picture sums it up perfectly!! - Sarah, participant

Jack Lavender (Edinburgh, UK) and Amanda Creen (Newcastle, UK)

Jack and Amanda

Fantastic teachers, a really nice crowd and a great venue. Really fun weekend. - Jack, participant

Gillian Scott (Newcastle, UK) and Carsten Hermann (Edinburgh, UK)

Gillian and Carsten

Great weekend!! Big thanks Navella, Richard and the team. - Gillian, participant

TBG was a brilliant Bal dance weekend with a superb mix of excellent, international teachers. So much fun! - Carsten, participant

Chris Riddick and Janet Davis (both Surrey, UK)

Chris and Janet

Damn fine effort Navella. The lessons were superb. I had such a good time learning new stuff and having fun in the classes. A really nice combination of teachers. - Chris, participant

Lloyd and Daisy (both Newcastle, UK)

Lloyd and Daisy

A fantastic weekend with the highest quality teachers in a beautiful venue. Completely wonderful, can't wait to do it again next year! - Daisy, participant

Anne Mooney and Navella Caretto (both Newcastle, UK)

Navella and Anne

Wonderful time was had, thanks to Navella and Richard for making it all happen and for all their hard work, especially for bringing my dancing up to speed and sharing their passion for Balboa! - Anne, participant

Celine Guitou (Pau, France) and Selma Corovic (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Celine and Selma

I had a great time at The Balboa gathering and I loved Newcastle. Special thanks to you and Richard (and all your team) for Balboa in the Beacon. You are all amazing people and dancers. I learned a lot and I met great people. I'm especially glad to have met Elise and Neil Hopper who were hosting me during the festival. I'm already looking forward to participating again next year! - Selma, participant

Thanks for everything, for organizing a so cool event, for having welcome us, and to let me DJ for some hours, it was really fantastic for me, I've meet so many fantastic and open minded people, I'm so happy !!!!! THANKS A LOT FOR EVERYTHING!!! - Celine, participant and DJ

Phil and Sue Morris (both Worcester, UK)

Phil and Sue

We really enjoyed TBG 2012 - so much so that I'm about to fill in our registration forms for TBG 2013 - Phil and Sue, participants

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